Thursday, July 27, 2006

From Grahamstown to Cape Town

Here I am in Cape Town on the last leg of my South Africa trip. It’s overcast and a wet winter day. Like Cape Town, it does show signs of sun, so there might be a blue sky yet!

My last two days in Grahamstown went fast and were full of friends. I stopped by the English department a few times to say hello to my former professors and to wax lyrical about my year in Grahamstown and my thesis days.

Thelma and Derek Henderson, my Rotary contacts and friends, took Jayne, Kerry, Craig, and I out for dinner at La Galleria. The Hendersons always take me to this restaurant, and I consider this “our” place as friends. As always, Thelma and Derek entertained us with fabulous stories and treated us to a fantastic dinner. They are two of the most interesting people I’ve ever met.

Kerry, Jayne, and I spent my last day (Tuesday) on a drive in Kerry’s car out to Bathurst, a small town outside of Grahamstown, with reputedly the oldest pub. We window shopped, ate, etc. The perfect last day with friends. We wrapped up the final day with a cozy dinner at Kerry and Craig’s, laughing over the first episode of The Amazing Race. At one point I almost said, “All the contestants are American.” Then I realized that I was thankfully out of touch with American Reality TV!

Now I am in Cape Town, where I will shortly head over to the National Gallery. There are reputedly some Pre-Raphaelites there, which are my favorite. Madonna is playing on the speakers in the internet café. I am in the mood for fun.

Tomorrow I turn 32, and I start off my birthday with a Meningitis shot, the last of my immunizations before I head to Nairobi. I tell you, I’ve put more money in my veins to come to “darkest Africa” than I thought possible! I shall spend my birthday buying books with vouchers from volunteering at the Grahamstown Festival and heading out to Franschhoek, a gorgeous town in the winelands. I am happy.

As I celebrate 32, I want to thank each of you for making my life so full of love, laughter, and friendship. From the tip of South Africa, I send you love and hugs.



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