Friday, September 08, 2006

Nairobi, Kenya

I arrived in Nairobi on Friday afternoon, three days before my safari departed. I wanted a few days to see the city and my first new African country in six years. Nairobi took some getting used to, as the guide books, my safari company, and the hotel staff all gave warnings about "Nairobbery." Yet, I locked up all my valuables and trekked into the city without my camera, which is a rarity.

The pictures here are from the day trip I took in Nairobi; the pictures are of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (7 baby elephants and 1 baby black rhino), the Giraffe Center, and the Karen Blixen Museum (with the Ngong Hills still clear in the distance). On this day trip I touched a baby elephant, fed a giraffe, was almost trampled by a giraffe (see pic with giraffe nostril), and paid homage to an interesting author. Quite a day. I was relieved to leave the city, but I would like to see it again someday.

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