Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm Sorry, Did You Say This is Milwaukee?

I am guilty of low expectations when it comes to Milwaukee. I mean, I've been looking forward to visiting the art museum and Woodland Pattern, but I still haven't gotten up there. So last weekend I went on my first trip to Milwaukee, which involved spending a lot of time on the Army Reserves base with Amy and Lillian while Brett was off being Mr. In Charge of ALOT of Soldiers. Then, Amy had this brilliant idea of "getting lost" in Milwaukee. Granted, we kept to one small area, but we found ourselves meandering into a beautiful bay with blue clear water (what? on the south end of Lake Michigan?), then ogling mansions, and enjoying a walk along the lake eating french fries. Thank you, Amy! This is my brief photographic homage to Milwaukee!

Know the bride and groom? I have no idea who they are, but look how happy they look. Tugged right on my romantic heartstrings...

As the poet Susan Firer says, Milwaukee Does Strange Things to People. Like leaving you inspired!

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