Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Made it once again to Liverpool, Huyton specifically.

British Airways has ruined me for all other transatlantic flights. I am used to finding my seat and greedily pulling out the inflight entertainment guide to see which films I will watch on my individual movie screen. Soon after takeoff, the lovely flight attendant will come around and ask whether we would like red or white wine with our meal. She will give me a red for my seat pocket. In a little packet of goodies on my seat, I find earphones, an eye mask, footies, a blanket. On this US Airways flight, I get what I pay for, which is a simple meal and a cup of tea (Lipton). I suppose I'd rather save a few hundred dollars then have my own movie screen. No free wine. No free headphones. I am a spoiled traveler.

Spent three hours wandering the Dublin airport, which isn't like Heathrow's shopping mall. I watched as people disembarked their budget flights in the rain, hurrying inside. I looked despairingly at the clock, hoping that the cafe serving jacket potatoes would open in time for me to order one with beans. Alas, it was only a Luna bar for me. Stepped off the plain in Liverpool to a sharp cold in the air. Winter, too, is here.

Claire picked me up (and I managed to get in the car on the correct side), and off we went to her lovely flat. I love coming into a friend's house and noticing all the new things. In this case, new momentos from Claire's time in Tanzania this year. I think I drank about six cups of caffeinated tea yesterday to ward off the jetlag. I've been cautious about how much caffeine I drink, but not yesterday. Besides, sitting on a couch curled up with a friend requires a good cup (or six) of caffeinated English tea. delicious. I even managed a small glass of wine with the wonderful mushroom risotto that Claire cooked (and I didn't fall asleep in my food).

Claire, her brother Chris, and I went out to the cinema last night to see the new Gerard Depardieu film My Afternoons with Margueritte. What a lovely film. I think the last film I saw him in was with Queen Latifah, Last Holiday. Margueritte is a gorgeous, touching, at times heartbreaking story about an emotionally abused boy who finally finds love and acceptance. Depardieu's nose is as large as usual.

Nine hours sleep. A blue sky. A cup of tea. The lovely Claire. VACATION!!!!!

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LauraL said...

So grand, Maureen! Enjoy! Love hearing about your visits!