Sunday, December 05, 2010

A brief synopsis of Sweden, more details from Dublin

Well, I've been in Sweden for four days and am long overdue to post here. I will post a more thorough travelogue when I am in Dublin tomorrow night, but for now, here is the brief synopsis.

Flight cancelled due to snow. Spur of the moment decision to take the bus to Copenhagen in case my flight Friday is cancelled. Board the bus two hours later and go through France and Belgium. At midnight, change buses in Brussels.

Continue on bus through Belgium, Germany, and Demark. A 25 hour bus journey. Take train to Sweden, but am delayed. Meet Jouni's parents on the train. Arrive in Simrishamn with Martina and Jouni.

Wedding preparations, meeting with friends and family. Large gathering of mostly Finnish friends in the evening.

Gorgeous wedding and baptism. Party til 3am

Recovery, lots of good meals and conversations. Sauna... Holding June...

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