Tuesday, July 28, 2015

An Anglesey Birthday: 41 and Counting!

I have always enjoyed birthdays away from home. I think it started when I was 13 and away in Wyoming riding horses at Girl Scout National Center West. When everyone sang happy birthday, the memory stuck with nostalgia. 28 years later, and I still value celebrating my birthday somewhere new. (Truth be told, I love birthdays and just like to celebrate!)

This year, I decided to extend my trip an extra week to celebrate. I was disappointed last year that I couldn't be abroad on my birthday, but I figured taking a trip while I was still 40 and turning 41 still counted!

Today has been a fabulous day. It started off wet and windy, but when Claire and I left for a lighthouse adventure day, blue patches of sky could be found. I'll write in more depth tomorrow about my three days in Anglesey with Claire, but a birthday spent walking on a stretch of new coast and photographing lighthouses with a generous friend was just perfect. Prosecco, presents, and birthday cake!

This whole trip has been about celebrations, really. I've felt so honored to have these amazing people in my life, and spending time with them has been a big gift to myself. I've met all these people during pivotal experiences in my life. Somehow 20+ years have passed in some cases, and I can hardly believe it.

I have family and friends that I love in Chicago and all around the world. I have a great partner. 41 feels overwhelmingly rich.

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