Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Arhus and Silkeborg, Denmark

Hello again,

It's our last night in Arhus. Tomorrow: Copenhagen.

Claire and I never made it back to the house to get dolled up. By the time I was done with my blog, which only took 15 minutes, she was talking to a fellow Englishman outside. We joined up with him and his Norwegian friend (read friend, not boyfriend) for dinner and drinks and a long night of good conversation. The Englishman is 60 years old and living here, and he met the 32 year old Norwegian musician at the bookstore the Norwegian manages. It was quite the international night and an unexpected birthday celebration. I'll be happy to have Chicago Thai food, though, as my birthday Thai dish cost $25. This Denmark country sure is expensive. Lovely but expensive.

Yesterday it was a late start, but we eventually (after taking the bus the wrong direction that ended one stop later at the bus terminal) made it to the beach for a good lie in the sun-shade. We also went on the prehistoric trail that leads from the beach to the museum. Where we saw one of the famous bogmen--preserved in a peat bog for over 2,000 years. He was just a bit creepy, especially as he died by having his throat cut and being shoved in the bog... We had a fabulous Greek dinner last night (thank goodness for the English-speaking Danes).

Today we took the train to Silkeborg for an all-day canoe extravaganza. Neither the wind or the current were in our favor the first three hours, so I'm sure we'll feel it tonight. Nevertheless, it felt good to be on the water and paddling away after all the walking we've been doing. Tonight it's Italian food on the river and an early bed for our early train. That is, if we don't fall asleep in our food.

Hope all is well with everyone,


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