Monday, July 28, 2008

Arhus, Denmark

Hello everyone!

Well, I am officially 34 and in my 24th country. Life is good.

Claire and I arrived in Copenhagen yesterday and made our way to the city of Arhus. It was a long travel day, but we made it in good spirits (I did my usual head nodding, catching flies thing on the train for 3 hours).

We are staying on one of the oldest streets in Arhus. Translation: terribly quaint with our own little backyard garden and a cobblestone streets. Translation 2: very steep stairs, the sink in the shower, and lots of character.

This morning we made our way to the outdoor museum that shows different house and living styles throughout Denmark's history. Lots of photos of people dressed in costumes! It took us three hours bobbing in and out of short buildings, and we enjoyed every minute. I even found hummus and salad in the cafe, so we ate in style, too. A quick nap in the botanic gardens and we were all refreshed from our tourist morning.

Now we are on our way back home to prep up for my birthday night out. We've found a restaurant that serves vegan and omnivorous options, so yeah! In our search for a restaurant, I've posed on the laps of a random Blues Brothers statues to fulfill my Americanness, or rather my Chicagoness...

We are going to ditch Legoland for a day on the canoe and a bike ride on the beach. It's lovely here. A bit quiet, which is a surprise, but I'm sure Copenhagen will make up for it!

Hope you are all well.



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