Monday, December 16, 2013

Everything Looks Different in the Morning

One forgets how initially stressful driving in a different place can be, especially in the dark. We landed later than expected, so by the time we got our rental car and headed on the road, the sun was beginning to set. We made it through the highways of San Juan and on to the main highway that would take us south just in time to catch the glimpse of mountains on the horizon.

An hour and a half later, we exited the main highway and began weaving our way through the coastal towns of Guanica, Ensenada, and finally Playa Santa. The directions were slightly vague (a few steps really meant a few minutes), but we called her and she guided us through the unexplained 10 minute drive through the windy, tree lined roads that led us to our beach house.

We could hear the waves and the crickets, but everything as shrouded in dark. After a difficult sleep in the heat and with an air conditioner that sounds like heavy machinery, we woke up to the sun rising over the bay. Our sweet little porch is lined with flowers and palms, and the geikos and birds were out to meet us. I could stare out at the bay and find my calm space where I could see the beauty around me and revel in our good sense to stay off the beaten path.

We've visited the Econo grocery store and stocked up on provisions, so we can sit back and enjoy the beach... Once it decides to stop its little drizzle.

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