Friday, December 13, 2013

Puerto Rico...Ready, Set..

Not quite ready to "Go" but almost! 2 days until departure and the suitcase is collecting bits and bobs as I work through the last few days. I've done a miserable job practicing my Spanish (I cracked open the book yesterday), but I hope it will all come back to me. Janvier has been practicing so I'll let her do the translating.

This trip is a bit of a mystery trip, with not much "planned" but lists made of possibilities. So, we'll land, head to our rented condo and begin exploring. There are rainforests, bioluminescent bays, art museums, and beaches on the list, so we will have plenty to choose from. I mostly look forward to traveling with a good friend and seeing a new place.

For today, I enjoy our beautiful Christmas tree, the last day of work, a weekend of packing, The Hobbit, and time with Todd. Presents are wrapped, calendars are done, and Christmas will be here when I return in a week. Adios Chicago and 20F and hola PR and 84! With lots of sunblock at the ready, this redhead is ready for a new adventure!

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