Saturday, August 16, 2008

Arhus, Denmark

July 27-31, 2008

Upon arriving in Denmark, we took a train straight west to Arhus, leaving Copenhagen for the end. We had a nice quiet 4 days in our little cottage. We went to a few museums, saw Peat Bog Man, went to the beach, canoed, ate peanut butter and sandwiches for lunch and great meals on the town in Arhus. A nicely balanced 4 days.

The white house with the red door. For us tall women, especially Claire, we had to watch out for the heads, but what a great way to wakeup every morning with flowers and a warm sun and breakfast in our little garden. Call me crazy, but that's vacation.

My birthday started with a trip to Den Gamble By, an outdoor museum of traditional Danish buildings--complete with people in costume acting their roles. He took his really seriously.

One of my artsy fartsy shots of a fountain. I have lots of artsy shots of benches and windows and architecture. My photographic tastes are fairly set in stone.

A bit of Chicago in Copenhagen (The Blues Brothers for those of you not in the know).

Canoeing in Silkeborg. Claire is hard at work while I sneak a photo. We had to find somewhere out of the strong current to eat lunch. So we sat in the canoe and ate our...pb & j sandwiches! Three hours to canoe one way and one hour to canoe back. That's a strong current. It was great to be out and about and doing something in nature, until these guys passed us with ease:

This is along the canal in Arhus, where we ate most of our dinners. A quiet, relaxing end to every evening.

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