Saturday, August 16, 2008

Copenhagen, Denmark

July 31-August 3, 2008

After four days in Arhus, we made our way to Copenhagen for museums and lots of food (our lunches of peanut butter and jam sandwiches behind us). I really enjoyed Copenhagen, especially the double-decker bus tour and boat cruise. With only a few days to take in the city, we did a pretty good job going from here to there and sitting in gardens in between cultural excursions.

The view of Nyhavn right outside our door. We ate most of our lunches and dinners along this street, watching people and chatting. Copenhagen is not quiet Arhus.

We passed by her everyday. I can't put my finger on why we loved her so much, but we did.

A trip to Copenhagen must include a visit to The Little Mermiad. Since I adored the Disney film in my teens (Hans Christian Andersen? Who's he?), I especially liked this statue. Beheaded twice by pranksters. Truly worthy of a Brothers Grimm take on her story.

The street where we stayed, Nyhavn, from the canal tour.

mmmm... Mango Salad. What else do you need to know? Don't we look happy!

If you visit Copenhagen, not only should you go to the small but lovely Den Hirschsprungske Samling Museum, you should also go to the Frihedsmuseet (Danish Resistance Museum) about Denmark in World War II. The photo above is from outside the museum.

On our evening stroll through Christianhaven and Christiana, a couple invited us to see the communal courtyard. Another great traveling moment.

A city isn't a city withoug graffiti.

And Denmark isn't Denmark without a statue of Hans Christian Andersen.

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