Saturday, August 16, 2008

Simris, Sweden and area Photos

August 3-August 11, 2008

During my week in southeast Sweden in and around Simris, I took over 300 photographs. The mix of the beautiful countryside and colorful houses kept my camera very busy. Then, of course, I kept trying to catch Martina, Jouni, Abbe and Vyda in fun family moments. I loved my week in Sweden, mostly because I could spend time with Martina and family, living with them as they went about their day. When I Sweden on a map, I see how little I saw of the country. Well, as I like to say (and mean), “next time.” Enjoy!

Martina and Abbe, Jouni and Vyda

My first day in Sweden (a beach near Simrishamn)

Glimmingehus Castle

The castles and churches in Sweden shared the architecture of the zig-zag roof. A castle isn't a castle without a moat and an overcast day.

Inside the Castle. Cold stone seats, holes in the walls that used to balance guns, and fresh flowers. There's something about the flowers that makes me "feel" the history of the castle.

Wheat. Why is it so beautiful?

Wind Power. Is it so hard to get it, America?

Simrishamn Church. The Zig Zag, the stone, the brick, the ships hanging from the ceilings.

Martina and I enjoying lunch and a cup of tea while the twins nap (and they stayed napping the whole time!) at the old school cafe in Brantevik.

The sun begins to set. The view from Martina and Jouni's garden.

The stones at Ales stenar. Stranger included for perspective.

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