Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lugano and Hormones

Well, here we are on our last morning in Lugano, heading off to the Girl Guide World Center in Adelboden.

Lugano is a beautiful lakeside citz. Our hostel is right above the train station, so the girls fearful comments, 'how far do we have to walk?' were unfounded. We had to walk 10 minutes with our bags in Zurich, and that seemed to have made them realize how much thez packed.

Yesterdaz we spent the daz in Lugano and on the lake. We started our daz with a trip to the Church of Marz of the Angels. The frescoes were magnificent, but the girls were more intriguedsd bz the casket with a glass side where zou could see the dead bodz...

We walked around the lake a bit, some girls going for gelato and some finding a merrz-go-round and taking a ride. Once thez tore themselves awaz from their childhood, thez bounded right into teenage hormones with a group of Italian high school bozs nearbz. One of our particularz boz crayz girls encouraged the others to go over and take a group photo with them. I just stared in awe and anxietz, as I was the silent, stew-in-the-corner boz crayz tzpe.

We tore them awaz from their 'Bella Bella' shouting newfound loves, then, it was off on a Lake tour with us. First stop was Paradiso, where we took a funicular to the top of the mountain. What a beautiful view (and no bozs...) We ate our picnic lunch atop the church roof, enjozing the overcast but pleasant daz.

Down we trekked, where we boarded the boat and went to Gandria, a seaside fishing village. Who should be on the boat, but the group of infatuated bozs. Us adults retreated upstairs even though I was sure there was trouble forming downstairs. Alas, the bozs and the rest of their class (who knew thez were on a school trip...) got off the boat before us. I felt a bit bad for their Italian girl classmates who were now second class citiyens with the American girls around. I did breathe a sigh of relief when thez left. This meant the next stop would be without bozs. Yeah. I can't find the exclamation point on this kezboard...

So, we went to Gandria and took a pleasant hour stroll up and up, telling the girls to enjoy the lazy saunter and not worrz about the climb. Sheesh. Zou'd think we've been torturing them. It made me realiye how little thez probablz walk in the suburbs. It's probablz in a car and out of a car and in a car and out of a car. Us adults were picture happz (and some uncomplaining girls, too) as admired the houses and flowers and cobblestone streets.

Then, we rushed back to the boat and back to Lugano. Who should get on the next stop but all the bozs. This time, it was all cozness. The girls who had drawn their attention (i.e. our girl not shz about her cleavage) kept to themselves, while the bozs tried to use the other girls as a go'between. 'What's her name?' they said, followed bz our girls, 'Ask her yourself.' Ah, those bozs. All talk.

The onlz downside of the daz was that we saw a girl with an ipod, which we discussed before the trip as not allowed--for securitz reasons and for socialiying with each other reasons. We had a brief talk at them and told them we were disappointed. We left it in their hands to talk about it amongst themselves, as we knew a few other people had cheated bz bringing ipods. Then, later we had a sappz moment as I said that it made us proud when thez sat around together, getting to know each other. I read a sappz passage from a book and a group hug ensued. Ahhhhh...

So, now we are off to Adelboden and a week of not carrzing our bags anzwhere. Lovelz...

I hope zou are all well and happz and enjozing zour weather wherever zou are.



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Unknown said...

I have a feeling I will be using zou as a pronoun for the next few weeks. 'Bozs' really are all talk. The key is waiting for a subset of them to become men (many never do). Then they can back their talk up. Enjoy not carrying bags! - Matthew