Friday, June 15, 2007


Hello everyone,

Here I am in Zurich with a keyboard that has keys switched around. So let's see how long it takes to type this...

Zurich suits me. Quiet streets, quiet and environmentall friendly trams all around the city.

We arrived in Zurich yesterday in a warm day, not all that conducive to walking around with bulky backpacks to the hostel, but a lovely day for our first bag free walking day, too. We dropped off our bags at the train station, strolled around town to the Fraumunster and old side streets. Lots of pictures of colorful houses and side streets. I took my obligatory picture of the James Joyce sign, of course. I wonder who I can convince to go to the Ulysses reading on our last night...We enjoyed a simple soup and salad dinner that we prepared and ate on our hostel room with a lovely view of the city.

Today was a rainy day and a perfect one for the Swiss National Museum. We wandered for a few hours and then made our way back to the hostel in our first rainz walk. Then, off again, because we can't waste daylight hours. So the Grossmunster Church and St. Peter's Church. We walked up the 180 turret steps in Grossmunster church for a great city view. We have our first dinner out tonight, so a treat for everyone.

Tomorrow, Chur and Pontresina. Beautiful scenery awaits. It's quite an experience being a chaperone and someone who knows all the tricks of Europe. The whole group works well together, and I know we have lots of fun ahead of us.

So, for now, I hope this finds you all well.



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Unknown said...

Sounds great so far. Nice to be able to follow your travels. - Matthew