Thursday, June 21, 2007

Zip Line Junkie, Sprained Ankle, and Hail! Oh My!

Hello all,

A quick one as my time is short.

I've made it to Our Chalet. For those of you who know the story, I went 12 years ago when I was backpacking across Europe. This time, it's a real visit where I can buy things, hike, and not try to hitchhike down...

It's our third day here in Adelboden, and it has been an adventurous few days.

We left Lugano for a series of prompt Swiss transportation over the course of six hours: two trains, a bus, and a taxi--all of them leaving and arriving at the exact time announced. The girls were pleased with our 'surprise' of a taxi to Chalet from the bus stop. It is quite a hike. As a matter of fact, quite a fwe of the group are doing that hike as we speak. I am the token adult who came back with the girls who didn't need money... Oh darn :) My butt hurts, so I don't mind. More on that in a second...

So, yesterday was our first official full day at Our Chalet. It started with an Opening Flag Ceremony, followed by breakfast, and departure. We hiked over an hour to the Adventure Park, where another group stayed. We hiked up to the gondola/ski lift to the top of Selleren. Once there, we decided to walk down so that we could see if we were all up for the overnight hike on Saturday night. On the hike down, which was supposed to take us 45 minutes but took us an hour and a half, a girl sprained her ankle. We left two adults and a girl with her and the rest of us went to report. They made it down okay, but it was a stressful hour, I can tell you. She's doing fine and quite a trooper.

Then, we made our way to the Adventure Park, where we did a high, HIGH, ropes course, hooked up into all sorts of safety harnesses. Then we abseiled, which I enjoyed quite a bit, and then the Zip line. Oh, yes, I'm going to be a Zip line junkie, I think. Bring it on. I just screamed like a little kid and did it again and again and again.

Then, on our walk home, we watched the rain come in until we were soaked through and being pelted by grape-size hail. Ouch. We made it home safe and in good spirits, but ouch!

More later. Time's a tickin'.

Miss you all,


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Unknown said...

Well that was a fun read, so it had to be even more fun to do (except for the poor girl with the sprained ankle). I'm smiling a the thought of you giddily zip lining again and again.