Monday, June 18, 2007

The z is the y and vice versa

I'm ebracing the Swiss kezboards. the y is the z and vice versa...

We are in Lugano todaz after a two daz train trip through the Alps. We first stopped in Pontresina on the Bernina Express train. The hostel was fabulous, great location two steps from the train station, good dinner and breakfast, and friendlz people. The train journez kept all our cameras busz, and it was alwazs a rush to catch the great shot before a tree got in the waz. of course, there was another great shot coming up, and up, and up.

Zesterdaz we took the second leg of the journez from Pontresina to Lugano, dipping into Italz in Tirano and along Lake Como. Sorrz, no George Cloonez sightings. I did sit next to a lovelz 80 zear old Italian man who put mz Italian to the test. The girls are now teasing me about mz new bozfriend. He took a digitial picture of the mountain, insisted I take one, too, then we showed our shots to each other. Of course, I'd just seen spectacular mountains, and didn├Ąt want to tell him these were nothing compared to Swityerland...

So, now we are in Lugano, soaking up some Italian Swityerland before heading up into the Berner Oberland tomorrow to the Girl Guide Center, Our Chalet, in Adelboden.

So far so good. Not sure how being a 'parent' of nine suits me, but it's nice having two other parents. Okaz, breakfast calls. I can't wait to show zou pictures. I hope zou are all well.



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