Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Top of the Mountain

Happy Sunday all!

I'm such a silly girl. I can't imagine having missed this experience. I'm groggy as a type from an afternoon nap, but it's a groggy from a fun and exhilarating hike.

Yesterday started off well with a trip to Interlaken for a chocolate tour. Yumm.... The dark chocolate was just what this vegan needed. The girls scarfed down multiple pieces of cake. They were quite fun with their dessert fixation! Then, we split up and half the girls went white water rafting and five of us went horseback riding. The ride was short and scary, which left us a bit disappointed. The horses were tired and hungry, and even the leaders horses had to be led. One of my co-leaders fell off her horse when it started to gallop. Scary. My horse, Nora, had to be led because she wasn't too keen on going anywhere. I love riding, and usually it's such a good experience. The rafters made up for our day by having a fabulous day.

So, we came home and the three of us hikers packed our overnight pack. I tell you--I was petrified. They really talk it up as being hard, strenuous, etc. so that people take it seriously. I'm proud to say (and I can throw out humility now that I'm back on safe ground) that my body didn't hurt or ache or malfunction at all. I think the previous three days had prepped me for the hike, so I didn't find it too difficult. Yahoo! My two girls, the oldest and most mature in the group, did fabulous. One found it very difficult, so we were in the back of the group, letting her take her time so she could make it to the summit. She made it, and that's all tha matters.

We left at 8pm to hike to the cheese maker's hut, where we would sleep. The sky was blue and a bit cloudy but not threatening rain. After two and a half hours or so, we made it to the hill below the hut. As we walked up, the cheese maker played his alpine horn to welcome us. I can't tell you how that music inspired. This is Switzerland.

After a cup of tea, we all packed into the hut for a four hour sleep, none of us sleeping all that well. However, we did have the melodious clanging of the cow bells to put us to sleep. We woke up at 3am to start our ascent. We woke up with a sky full of stars and not a cloud in the sky. It took us three hours on the steep ascent. Switchbacks, rocky paths, etc. It was a steady 700m incline, so we just hammered away.

Yet, reaching the top, just after sunset, still no clouds in the sky, we could see the Alps all around us. The grass covered mountains, the steep mountain faces of others, and the snow.

Then, we made it back down, the cheese maker came out to play again and my ears teared up. What a fabulous day and one that none of us are likely to forget. It's our last night here, so time to pack. We're home in three days. It's hard to believe.

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Unknown said...

You will be warmly welcomed (and fed wine in exchange for stories) when you get back home.